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Will Kraft

Will’s twenty five year career with the DuPont Company included assignments as engineer, supervisor, superintendent, finance analyst, salesman, sales, plant and business manager in their plastics, petrochemicals, explosives, imaging and medical businesses.


Safety management was an integral part of all job responsibilities in each position. Will has blended this knowledge of operations and safety into a process called "Safe Operations" which he has delivered over the past 10 years to a wide range of companies including mining, equipment manufacturing, trucking, distribution, barge and steel manufacturing. Will provides companies a comprehensive management process which focuses on creating a distinctive culture of: planning work with risk assessment, accepting accountability, helping each other and walking the talk. The behaviors are enabled through effective safety management systems and processes.

For more information contact Will at:

Will Kraft, President

W&M Kraft, INC

927 Laurelwood Way

Landrum, SC  29356

“SafeOperations” Philosophy

Phone: (864) 895-6283


“Integrating safety, cost, productivity, quality, environment, relationships, into everything we do....... accomplishing zero harm, production, cost, productivity and relationship objectives” …..the way we do work at Operations