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Tim McClain and Terry Rife have formed “McClain Rife - Partners in Safety Solutions”   that will bring together over 50 years Health and Safety  experience from labor and management.

Hazard Communication Update

Are you ready for the Dec. 1, 2013 deadline for training your employees in the revised Hazard Hazard Communication Standard to comply with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS)?  The new program will include a new format for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and labeling using required pictograms.

Our team of  consultants has the background and over 75 years combined experience that can help you assess  your programs, and if needed provide tools for improvement. Take a minute and learn more about us, our services and solutions..

Contact Terry Rife at 248-668-9857 for information about the tools used to improve performance or ....


OSHA General Industry Digest safety publication available in English & Spanish as e-readers.
OSHA's General Industry Digest is now available in English and Spanish as an e-publication that can be easily viewed on smart phones and tablets with reflowable and resizable text.

This publication summarizes General Industry safety and health standards to help employers, supervisors, workers, and safety and health committee members and professionals learn about OSHA standards in the workplace.

The Spanish-language version is part of OSHA's recent efforts to provide the country's diverse workforce with information in a language and vocabulary that they can understand. The General industry Digest is also available in English and
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